How it Works

Girls Circle, The Council for Boys and Young Men, and Women’s Circle incorporate:
  • Weekly sessions for eight to twelve sessions or more
  • Five to ten participants and one to two facilitators
  • Consistent format with verbal and experiential or expressive activities
  • Age-appropriate, gender-relevant themes
  • Strengths-based facilitation strategies

Our Facilitator Trainings and Curricula help ensure that these circle program models can be implemented successfully, with fidelity and confidence.
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Who Can Be A Facilitator?
Any caring adult can lead and implement Girls Circle or The Council for Boys and Young Men, including teachers, counselors, youth workers, program directors, parents, faith leaders, and juvenile justice staff. Please see our Training Calendar if you are interested in becoming a facilitator.
Who Can Participate in the Groups?
Girls Circle is for all girls and young women, 9-18 years. The Council for Boys and Young Men is for all boys and young men, 9-18 years. Circles are inclusive and welcoming to all youth.

Girls Circle and The Council reach across cultures, race and ethnicity, across demographics, economics, sexual orientation and identity, and religion. The programs are successful in prevention and intervention programs, yet both are delivered in the same manner.

Why? Because the fundamental approach is to create connection and build a community that provides, safety, respect, non-judgment, and a listening environment. Facilitators avoid lecture or advice. They meet group participants where they are at and believe they have the capacity to problem solve and make good decisions regardless of their age or backgrounds. They affirm strengths and promote leadership. Even troubled teens learn how to use their skills and talents in positive ways.

All people deserve a voice; all people deserve to be believed in, and all people want to know that “they are not alone.” Our programs are very successful in helping children and youth find belonging, build healthy pro-social skills, build self-confidence, and lead purposeful lives!

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