How to Facilitate Virtual Circles & Councils


Best Practices (PDF)
This document is a guide on such topics as Facilitator technical preparation, working with youth online, and virtual housekeeping tips. It also includes a handout for youth on how to prepare for their online circles.

View the recording of our May 6th Live Webinar
See how the circle model was adapted during this live event with the community.

We recommend Zoom
We recommend using the Zoom platform for facilitating Girls Circle®, The Council for Boys and Young Men®, and Women’s Circle® online. The Pro version is $14.99/month which provides unlimited video session length. The free version has all of the same functions as the Pro version, but limits you to 40 minutes for group sessions. (There is no fee for the participant to use zoom as a participant.) All videos below apply to either version. Compare pricing and sign-up here. 



Using the Technology
Here are a handful of video tutorials which will help you learn how to use the technical side of Zoom for facilitation.

Scheduling a Meeting:

Zoom Meeting Controls:

Using Zoom Breakout Rooms:

Using Zoom Whiteboard:


Information on How to Use Zoom for Circle/Council Participants:

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