The Council Mission
The Council promotes strength, responsibility and community in pre-teen and adolescent boys and young men by equipping group facilitators with curricula, skills and resources to hold Councils in their communities.

The Council recognizes boys' strengths and capacities, challenges stereotypes, questions unsafe attitudes about masculinity, and encourages solidarity through personal and collective responsibility. The Council incorporates a relational-cultural framework and masculinity research practices, building on boys' abilities and creating opportunities for resilient actions and relationships in boys and young men's lives.

The Council Core Values

  • All boys have inherent worth and dignity and value in the community.
  • Boys are relational; they need, benefit from, and develop within strong and healthy relationships.
  • Boys are wise and capable, and show it when they feel secure and respected.
  • Adults who show consistent interest, listen, mentor, set limits, show and expect respect, and speak the truth are demonstrating to boys their belief in them.
  • Boys are diverse in culture, class, and capabilities, and have multiple ways and traditions in which to express their masculine identities.
  • Boys and girls have gender-specific social-emotional and developmental needs and responses to the stressors of adolescence. Parallel opportunities for social support and life skills development increase boys and girls abilities to interact within safe and respectful parameters.
  • Boys identities are shaped by patriarchy, social-cultural and economic conditions, family and peer groups, individual temperaments and talents, biological tendencies, spirituality, and natural and political-social conditions and events. All of these forces combined are not strong enough to limit the power of a truly caring community to impact a boys’ life positively.

The Council Vision: What is your vision for boys and young men’s lives? We envision:
  • Boys and young men are connected, valued, diverse, hopeful, active, creative, expressive and involved members of society who care for their bodies, minds, spirits, and relationships.
  • They are allies to women, girls, and young children, the elderly, and any vulnerable population.
  • Health care, family and personal development, education, legal counsel, life skills development, spirituality, and community participation are accessible to youth.
  • Boys and young men have lots of fun in their lives, but not at the expense of others. Competition leads to improvement and excellence, not shame.
  • Adult role models respectfully challenge boys to strive toward their goals, be accountable, and live by their principles.
  • Their cultural, ethnic, religious practices and perspectives, as well as their geographical contexts, sexual orientations, economic conditions, and individuality are respected.
  • They know their histories and have contact with their cultural heritage.
  • Whatever the differences, boys and young men are today’s global citizens with strong hearts, informed and open minds to view different perspectives, courage to resist violence, and skills to make a way to the future for themselves, their close relationships, and the children they help to bring into the world.

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