Wise & Well Activity Guide
Code: WISE

8-week program

Ages 12-18   Teen girls are literally bombarded with potential risks to their safety in all areas of their lives - whether it is living in the technological age of cyberbullying, sexting, and online predators or dealing with the high prevalence of binge drinking and marijuana use, depression, anxiety, coping with emotional pain or experiencing hardships at home.

Yet adolescent girls are a wealth of wisdom and their capacities for health and wellness are rooted in the strengths and bonds of healthy relationships. In this guide, girls and facilitators walk through the myriad of common 21st Century risks with discussions and activities that inspire eyes wide open, minds sharp and aware, and hearts willing to step up to leadership for their own health and safety. Activities include navigating the digital world of cyberspace, social networking, and texting, practicing coping skills, decision making and "being in charge" in relation to drinking and drug use, and busting the stigma about mental health. In this guide, girls find that their true desires, power, best intentions, and shared knowledge are robust resources to stay safe and whole on their path toward womanhood.

Week Theme Activity/Description
1 Creating Safety in Circle and Cyberspace Create Group Guidelines; "Sexting Facts" Icebreaker; True Stories from Cyberspace
2 Agents of Change in Cyberspace Break the Chain; Discussion; Mentor Your Little Sisters or Brothers
3 Binge Drinking and Being In Charge Who Really Scores? Discussion on Parties & Binge Drinking; Storyboarding: Iā€™m in Charge
4 Coping through Hard Times Discussion, Who Copes How? Each One Teach One Activity, Discussion and Reflection on Things I Want to Keep
5 Marijuana and What I Want ā€“ Part 1 Discussion with Movement; Facts and Myths; Creative Activity -Path Toward My Goal
6 Marijuana and What I Want ā€“ Part 2 Discussion; Affirming Intentions Energizer; Exploration Wheel
7 Girls and Mental Health Discussion; Envisioning My Healthy Life Drawing; Bust the Stigma Message Making
8 Celebration Appreciations and Closing Appreciations, Closing Ceremony: Guided Visualization and Mandala Painting, Discussion, The Queen''s Chair Closing Ceremony

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