Who I Am Activity Guide

8-week program

Ages 14-18   Works with girls to examine identity, assertiveness skills, and goal setting through role-play, mandala-making, relationship to music, and more. Themes include "Journaling and Self-Disclosure," "Song About Me-Who I Am," "Personal Growth/Assertiveness," and "Life Goals/Personal Goals." Very well received by high school girls.

Week Theme Activity/Description
1 Building Trust/Group Bonding Sharing Trios
2 Journaling and Self-Disclosure Making Journals
3 Song About Me/Who I Am Sharing Songs and Journaling
4 Friendships/How I Relate Sharing & Sculpting Activity
5 Personal Growth/Assertiveness Drama/ Role Play
6 Life Goals/Personal Goals Life Goals Activity
7 Where I’ve Been & Where I’m Going Guided Visualization and Creating Mandalas
8 Appreciation/Compliment Circle Appreciation Certificates

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