Being A Well Woman Women's Circle Activity Guide

10-week program

   Focuses on holistic health and wellness using a variety of creative processes such as collage, games, surveys, case studies, and analysis along with guided visualization, stress relief and inspirational role models to explore self-care and how to support one another. Themes include physical, emotional, spiritual, occupational and financial wellness, as well as intimacy and sexual wellness in women’s lives.

Week Theme Activity/Description
1 The Wellness Model Creating Circle Guidelines, Wellness Inventory Collage, Journaling
2 Physical Wellness – Part 1 Journal Reflection, My Physical Wellness Pyramid – Log Sheet, Alcohol and Drugs: Myth or Fact Quiz, Prescription for Wellness
3 Physical Wellness – Part 2 Sexual Health Jeopardy Game, Discussion on Women’s Sexual Health, Reflections on Sexual Relationships, Journaling
4 Occupational/Academic Wellness Journaling, Reach for the STARS, Occupational Goals Activity, How Do You Spend Your Time, Letter to Self
5 Financial Wellness Discussion, What Would You Choose Activity, Money and Personal Values, Case Study – Kaitlyn’s Budget and Creating a Realistic Budget, Journaling
6 Intimate Relationship Wellness Understanding Yourself, Relationship Characteristics, Journaling
7 Emotional Wellness Discussion, What’s on Your Plate? Activity, Emotional Wellness Plan, Exercises for Relieving Stress, Journaling
8 Spiritual Wellness – Part 1 Word Association Exercise, Discussion, Guided Visualization, Mandala Making, Journaling
9 Spiritual Wellness – Part 2 What Inspires You, Personal Vision Statement, Journaling
10 Reflections and Appreciations Discussion, Journaling, Creating Affirmation Boxes, Appreciation Ceremony

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