Relationships Women's Circle Activity Guide

10-week program

   Addresses relationships in women’s lives, including intimacy, sexuality, and personal standards. Explores working and professional relationships, family and friendships, as well as competition and community. Women journal, brainstorm, role-play, and discuss topics with an inclusive approach, fostering deep connections and exploration of the importance of healthy relationships to women’s lives and well-being.

Week Theme Activity/Description
1 Connecting with Each Other Creating Circle Guidelines, Defining Relationships Activity, Relationship Acronyms, Journaling
2 Working and Professional Relationships Proud Peacock Drawing, Discussion and Brainstorming, Dialoguing in Dyads, Role-playing Strengths and Attributes, Journaling
3 Relationships with Family Relationship Circle Activity – Part 1, Guided Visualization, Journaling
4 Our Friendships Creating a Personal Ad for Ideal Friendships, Guided Discussion, Relationship Circle Activity – Part 2, Journaling
5 Relationships Involving Intimacy – Part 1 Guided Discussion, Labeling Intimacy Activity, Journaling
6 Relationships Involving Intimacy – Part 2 Sex Survey, Come the Dawn Poem, Journaling
7 Healthy Relationships Healthy/Unhealthy Relationships Activity, Guided Discussion, Power and Control Wheel, Journaling
8 Competition and Community Sporcle Quizzes, Competition & Community, Superwoman Capes, Journaling
9 Supporting Each Other Evaluating Stereotypes, Tower of Support, One Thing Pledge, Journaling
10 Bringing it all Together: Thoughts, Feelings and Experiences about Relationships "Bringing it all Together" Activity, Revisiting the Relationship Circle Diagram, A New View on Relationships, Web of Friendship, Journaling

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