Identity - Who I Am Women's Circle Activity Guide

10-week program

   Supports women’s self –discovery and the importance of each one''s place in family, community, and culture by examining “What Does it Mean to be Me?” and societal messages about identity. Women share values, influences, dreams and roles within the context of family and culture leading to sharing of self-expressions, acceptance and affirmations in a supportive community.

Week Theme Activity/Description
1 Bringing Myself to the Circle Creating Circle Guidelines, Making and Decorating Journals, My House Activity, Journaling
2 What Does it Mean to be Me? Part 1 Autobiographical Poem, Autobiographical Collage, Journaling
3 What Does it Mean to be Me? Part 2 Values Shaping Activity, Discussion: Defining our Values and Character, Journaling
4 My Personal History My Family Tree, My Personal Timeline, Journaling
5 My Personality Style Exploring our Personality Types, Personifying Our Styles, Journaling
6 What is a Real Woman? Part 1 Pie of Influence, Discussion: Body Image, Beauty and Real Women, “Real Women Are…” Activity, Journaling
7 What is a Real Woman? Part 2 Evolution of the Modern Woman, Discussion, Follow Your Dreams Activity, Guided Visualization, Drawing the Dream Spiral, Journaling
8 My Goals and Purpose Defining My Personal Goals, Get up and GO-AL! Activity, Aligning My Goals and Purpose, Dyad Reflections and Sharing, Journaling
9 Expressing Myself through Song Song About Me, How My Song Describes Me, Creating a Women’s Circle Theme Song, Journaling
10 Acceptance and Affirmation of Who I Am Discussion: The Importance of Affirmations, Strengths Bombardment, Blazing Blizzard

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