Sex in the Digital Age
Code: SDA

6-week program

Ages 11-18   Price: $90  Now $72 through January 3rd.   Sex in the Digital Age: A Guide to Talking with Teens about Pornography and Sexting is a supplemental curriculum with essential tools and resources to promote healthy development for youth growing up in today’s digital world. Providing skills development for media literacy, digital citizenship, and more accurate public health and sexual safety information, this curriculum harnesses the relational strengths of youth to effectively explore the complex intersecting topics of technology, sexuality, and relationships.

Week Theme Activity/Description
1 Sex in the Digital Age Review Group Agreements; Video: "What Kids are Saying About Online Porn”; Let’s be Candid Activity; Anonymous Question Box
2 Whose Body is it Anyway?! Video: “Teen Voices: Sexting, Relationships, and Risks”; Group Discussion about Sexting and Sexting Laws; Body Outline: “Every Body CSI (Culture Scene Investigation)”; Anonymous Question Box
3 Consent Must be Invited to the Party! Video: “Are You Ready to Have Sex?”; Easy or Difficult to Talk About??; Video: “Consent and Communication”; Group Discussion about Consent; Anonymous Question Box
4 Reel vs. Real “Fact or Myth?” Activity; Group Discussion; Who’s Feeling Good and Who Is Not?; Values Activity; Anonymous Question Box
5 Self-Advocacy is Safe & Sexy – Communicating About What We Want Pornography and Addiction: Let’s Debate; Video: “The Science of Pornography and Addiction”; Relationship & Consent – What Just Happened and What to Say or Do?; Anonymous Question Box
6 Sharing Your Super Sexy Brain Creating an PSA on the Top 10 Things Teens Should Know About Porn, Sexting, and Relationships; Anonymous Question Bo

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