Relationships with Peers Activity Guide

10-week program

Ages 13-18   Enhances girls'' awareness of their relationships with themselves and others. Themes include "Expressing Myself," "Accepting Different Parts of Myself," "Giving Voice to Feelings,” Romantic Relationships, ” “Girlfights or Girlfriends” and are complimented by activities such as journalling, role-play, sculpting, and more. Highly engaging for teen girls.

Week Theme Activity/Description
1 Connecting with Each Other Creating Group Guidelines & Commonalities Bead Game
2 "Labels" - Exploring New Perspectives Vision Quest Improvisational Game
3 Expressing Myself Poetry Reading, Guided Visualization, and Poetry Writing
4 Accepting All Different Parts of Myself Quick Writing, Group Poster, Sculpting Bowls of Compassion
5 Cultivating Respect Tea Ceremony
6 Giving Voice to Feelings - Part I Journaling, Feelings Identification Exercise, "What are Feelings?" Activity
7 Giving Voice to Feelings - Part II Using "I Statements" Activity, Role-play
8 Romantic Relationships - What Is It Worth to You? Identifying Relationship Values, Myth Busting, Healthy/Unhealthy Relationships Checklist, Looking at Past Relationships
9 Girlfights or Girlfriends? "Talk Show" Dramatization (i.e. Oprah Winfrey) and Journaling
10 Wholeness and Completion Journaling and Mandala Making

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