Paths to the Future Activity Guide

12-week program

Ages 12+   A skills-building support circle for use with at-risk or court- involved girls. Examines thoughts, beliefs, and actions about friendships, trust, authority figures, mother/daughter relationships, sexuality, dating violence, HIV, drug abuse, stress and goal setting. Opens up girls to important exploration regarding their choices and behaviors and examines ways to promote self-care and healthy decision-making through lively, prepared discussions and activities. Creative activities include assertiveness role-plays, collage, progressive relaxation, writing, creating "Lifemaps" and more.

Week Theme Activity/Description
1 Friendships and Bonding Creating Group Guidelines Poster and Dyad Interviews
2 Communication Skills and Dealing with Authority Figures Continuum of Behaviors Activity, Role-Plays, and Discussion
3 Mother/Daughter Relationships Collage, Group Discussion, and Letter Writing
4 Being the "Queen of Your Own Body" - Sexuality Writing Exercise, Discussion, and Role-Play
5 Dating Violence/Abusive Relationships Discussion and Journal Writing
6 HIV Prevention - Staying Safe, Staying HIV-Free HIV Transmission Game, Discussion and Tug-of-War Game or Tug-of-War Poster
7 Teen Drug Use and Abuse Group Discussion and Life Maps
8 Body Image Discussion, Magazine Collage, and Characteristics List
9 Stress and Stress Management Discussion, "Symphony of Stress" Role-Play Improvisation, Breathing Relaxation and Coping Cards
10 Goal Setting – Part One Discussion and Path/Bridge Activity
11 Goal Setting - Part Two/ Action Plan for Support Climbing the Mountain Art Activity, Drawing a Circle of Support
12 Wrap up and Closure/Appreciation Ceremony Sharing of Circle Experiences, Frame Making to include Group Picture or Poem, Decorating Bookmarks, Appreciation Ceremony
Appendix Bonus Optional Unit on: Shoplifting Discussion

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