My Family, My Self Activity Guide

8-week program

Ages 12-18   This essential guide gets at the critical importance of girls’ development within the context of their family relationships and offers girls the opportunity to safely and respectfully acknowledge and explore the many gifts and challenges of growing up within the family unit. Girls are invited to share the influence of their families and cultural values on their own social-emotional development, and build skills to strengthen their confidence in relationships with relatives and peers. Themes address family and cultural identity, storytelling, coping styles, the influence of family substance abuse and/or domestic violence on girls’ lives, family expectations, and girls’ goal setting. Activities such as creating genograms, stress reducers, lifemaps, defining personal rights and boundaries, setting goals, and planning for obstacles along the way create a foundation of confidence for girls as they honor the significance of their family relationships – no matter the status - to foster healthy interpersonal skills now and in their future.

Week Theme Activity/Description
1 Introducing My Story Icebreaker, Creating Group Guidelines, Discussion on Defining Family and Culture, Journaling
2 Where I Come From Decorating Journals, Creating Family Genograms, Journaling and Discussion
3 Cultural Values and Who I Am "My Cultural Values" – Sharing Food and Personal Item, Venn Diagram – Who I am in the World, Journaling
4 Coping with Stress Stress Popper Activity, Creating Relaxation Cards, "See, Feel, Hear" Guided Visualization, Journaling
5 Setting Boundaries and Staying Safe Discussion on Abuse and Violence in Relationships, Power and Control Wheel, Practicing I-Statements, "Defining My Rights" Activity, Journaling
6 Substance Abuse and Family Roles Discussion on Family Roles, Poetry Reading and Writing, Overview of Teen Brain Development and Alcohol and the Brain, Journaling
7 Goals for My Future Discussion on Goals, "Fork in the Road" Activity, Journaling
8 Celebrating Our Journey Discussion on Girls Circle Experience, Decorating Bookmarks, Inspiration Cards, Journaling, Closing Celebration

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