Honoring Our Diversity Activity Guide

12-week program

Ages 11-18   Recognizes girls’ varied cultural, ethnic, and racial backgrounds emphasizing positive identity and alliance building. Includes discussions and activities that cover topics such as “Stereotype Busting,“ “Beyond Fear,“ “Cultural Treasures,“ “Culture Clash,“ and includes a community advocacy exercise. Themes focus on appreciating diversity in girls lives by identifying biases, developing navigational tools in a multi-cultural society, and promoting understanding and respect within and between groups. Guide includes a girls'' journal for weekly reflection.

Week Theme Activity/Description
1 Beautiful Diversity Icebreakers, Creating Circle Guidelines, Journal Decoration *Optional: obtain video for Week 3
2 Beyond Fear Team Building Games, Journaling, Group Discussion, and Personal Stories
3 Stereotype Busting "Graffiti Wall", Journaling; Wild Garden Poster
*Optional: Video "Bridging Racial Divisions"
4 Cultural Treasures Treasure Tiles Journaling
5 Heroines Heroine "Autobiography," Stage Readings, Journaling
6 Culture Clash Physical Drama/Enactment, Medicine Wheels
7 Stress Stories "Girls’ News Hour"; Connection Web Activity
8 Sisters! Magic Coin Trust Exercise, Discussion, Group Trust Fall, Journaling List
9 Local Action, Part 1 Yoga Postures, Group Decision Making
10 Location Action, Part 2 Letter-Writing Campaign, Journaling
*Reminder for girls to bring excerpt or item for week 11
11 Soul of My Culture Artistic Expression: Poetry, Dance, Music, Art, Journaling, Group Poem & Photo
*Reminder: Food plan for week 12
12 Community Meal and Music; Appreciations; Closing Circle; Journal Distribution Meal and Music; Appreciations; Closing Circle; Journal Distribution

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