32-week program

Ages 12-18   Buy all four programs addressing innovative ways to cultivate respect, build alliances, and examine beliefs, values, and choices about girls’ lives and the world around them.

Week Theme Activity/Description
12 weeks Honoring Diversity Recognizes girls’ varied cultural, ethnic, and racial backgrounds emphasizing positive identity and alliance building. Includes discussions and activities that cover topics such as “Stereotype Busting,“ “Beyond Fear,“ “Cultural Treasures,“ “Culture Clash,“ and includes a community advocacy exercise. Themes focus on appreciating diversity in girls lives by identifying biases, developing navigational tools in a multi-cultural society, and promoting understanding and respect within and between groups. Guide includes a girls'' journal for weekly reflection.
12 weeks Mind, Body, Spirit Beyond Fear This excellent prevention program addresses alcohol, tobacco, and drug decision making as well as healthy sexuality, promoting abstinence and/or reduction to high-risk behaviors by exploring the realities of risk and the power of self-care. Helps girls examine and evaluate choices through affirmations, role-play, media influence, journal writing, videos and more. Addresses sexuality decision-making and definitions of "infatuation, desire, and love" through real teen stories, music messages, and personal standards activity. Outstanding prevention program that promotes critical thinking and is much enjoyed by girls!
8 weeks Expressing My Individuality Explores topics such as celebrating individuality, diversity, getting along with others, and addresses goals, conflict styles, feeling good about ourselves, and taking time to relax. Activities include values exploration, "How Others See Me," making dream catchers, potting a plant to symbolize personal growth, and finally culminates with a girls'' compliment circle. A variety of topics and activities for middle and high school girls!
8 weeks My Family, My Self This essential guide gets at the critical importance of girls’ development within the context of their family relationships and offers girls the opportunity to safely and respectfully acknowledge and explore the many gifts and challenges of growing up within the family unit. Girls are invited to share the influence of their families and cultural values on their own social-emotional development, and build skills to strengthen their confidence in relationships with relatives and peers.

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