Body Image Activity Guide

10-week program

Ages 12+   Newly expanded to include two powerful sessions on menstruation. Examines cultural messages and personal beliefs that influence body image. Themes emphasize raising awareness, recognizing body signals, and exploring underlying causes of poor body image. Topics cover physical awareness, health, and emotional balance through media exploration, imagery, art, personal story telling, and more. Excellent prevention program.

Week Theme Activity/Description
1 Body Talk Creating Group Guidelines, “Healthy Body Means…Beautiful Body Means…”, Looking at Body Image Facts & Statistics
2 Body Messages - Part 1 "Glossies" Magazine Images, Exploration and Reflection
3 Body Messages - Part 2 "Pie of Influence"
4 My Body Body Drawing
5 Menstruation – Wait….WHAT? Menstruation: True or False?, Period Persons & Their Stories
6 Menstruation – Things Change, We Change Along the Red River: Group Mural, Crossing the River: A Rite of Passage Experience
7 Body Wisdom Relaxation and Feelings Identification Exercise
8 Accpting and Nurturing Our Bodies Affirmation Boxes
9 Body Expression Clothing & Appearance, Questions and Discussion
10 Whole Body/Whole Person "Appreciation Certificates" and Ceremony

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