Standing Together: A Journey Into Respect

10-week program

Ages 9-14   This guide provides engaging ways to address common themes which pre-teens and early adolescents encounter, including breaking down social-cultural barriers, motives and actions around put-downs, knowing their personal rights, defining assumptions about male power, respecting others'' physical boundaries, understanding and using the energy of strong emotions, and standing up for each other in community.

Week Theme Activity/Description
1 Creating Our Council Developing an Opening and Closing Ritual & Creating Council Agreements
2 Similar and Different Are we More Alike or Different? & If I Were a . . .
3 Put Downs – Part I Put downs & Put-ups role-play
4 Put Downs – Part II Keeping Each Other Afloat & Balloon Bash
5 Space Invaders Physical Boundaries
6 Boys’ Rights My Boundaries & Charter to Protect and Respect Boundaries
7 E-motions – Part I Who’s Feeling is that Anyway? & My Most Common Emotions
8 E-motions – Part II Storytelling and Role-playing feelings
9 Boys & Power Aces and Deuces
10 Community & Recognition Group acknowledgment books

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