Men of Honor Sets 1 & 2

20-week program

Ages 13+   In this groundbreaking, trauma responsive and timely Two Set curriculum, young men ages 13 years and older examine rigid and harmful gender norms and develop definitions of manhood guided by respect and non-violent behaviors. Fun, thought-provoking and uniquely designed activities and conversations engage participants to examine these harmful beliefs that impose limits on them and work together towards becoming respected leaders and connected allies in their communities.

Week Theme Activity/Description
10 weeks Men of Honor, Set 1 Set One builds the framework for Men of Honor by exploring “man box” messages promoted in the media and their effects on young men. Foundational sessions address topics such as: Masculinity in the Media, Exploring Emotions, Becoming Nonviolent Leaders, Engaging in Education, with some themes covered over two sessions for expanded impact. Activities include use of digital media, media analysis, realistic scenarios in social and social media contexts, physical games, storytelling, art, an original school survival “board” game, journals, and an optional resume builder tool.
10 weeks Men of Honor, Set 2 Set Two further expands the examination of male gender norms, their effect on young men and their relationships, and the development of respectful, nonviolent models of manhood. These highly relevant topics include: Respecting Women and Girls, Respecting Intimate Partners, Challenging Homophobia and Becoming Allies, Forming Healthy and Safer Sex Practices, Digging into Substance Use, and Becoming Men of Honor. Experiential activities include: magazine gender norms search, common intimate partner/dating scenarios, rigid norms vs. respectful and leadership, fact or fiction game, athletes making history, LGBT youth video clips, an original card game promoting conversations about sex , creating PSA’s (Public Service Announcements) video, Substances Jeopardy, an individual Motivational Interviewing tool, creating symbolic shields, journaling, and ceremony.

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