Living A Legacy: A Rite of Passage
Code: BC_LAL

10-week program

Ages 14-18   Young men gain skills and knowledge to navigate growing up male in today’s society through the introduction of topics and experiential activities that address a myriad of relevant challenges - safely, powerfully, and within a spirit of “council” connection. Boys will explore: relationships, conflict resolution, education, leadership, community service, diversity, mass media messages, personal values, integrity, and future goals.

Week Theme Activity/Description
1 Creating Our Council Name Scramble, Hopes and Fears, Council Guidelines, Boys to Men
2 Connecting Our Council Personal Timelines, The Maze
3 Strength Through Diversity Culture Grams, Stand Up-Sit Down Discrimination Exercise, Just Because Poems (optional)
4 Mentors, Role Models and Heroes Web of influence, Personal Web of Influence
5 Unlocking the Code Boys Boxed In
6 Healthy Relationships Hot Shots, Relationship Reflections
7 Who’s the Man? Boys and the Media Star of the Show, Real Men Collage
8 Conflict Resolution: Squash it Before it Starts Squash it before it Starts – Joe’s Story
9 No One Walks Alone Leadership Quote Reflection, Dear "Little Brother" Letter
10 Living and Leaving a Legacy BC Unit Reflections, Personal Eulogy

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