Growing Healthy, Going Strong

10-week program

Ages 9-14   Boys will have fun identifying social-emotional messages, experiences, attitudes, and smart options for growing up male in our culture. Competition, bullying, recognizing and expressing emotions, male and female role expectations, self confidence, and teamwork are highlighted through games and team challenges. Boys develop vocabulary and skills to expect and enact fairness, healthy competition, and respect for self and others.

Week Theme Activity/Description
1 Creating Our Council Developing an Opening and Closing Ritual & Creating Council Agreements
2 Getting Connected Guess Who?
3 Healthy Competition – Part I Race to Win
4 Healthy Competition – Part II Play Hard, Play Safe, Play Fair, Have Fun
5 Bullying The After School Bully
6 What’s Your Choice? Boys and Their Emotions – Part I Questions and Quick Answers
7 What’s Your Choice? Boys and Their Emotions – Part II Growing Edges
8 Boys’ Unspoken Rules Fill in the Blanks
9 Male & Female: Roles and Expectation Qualities of Men/Boys and Women/Girls
10 Staying Connected Celebrating My Whole Self & Building Council Connections

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