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Now includes two new activity guides: Brothers as Allies and Sex in the Digital Age. This, in addition to Growing Healthy, Going Strong, Standing Together: A Journey Into Respect, Living A Legacy: A Rite of Passage, Journey of the Great Warrior and Men of Honor: Becoming Respectful, Nonviolent Leaders - Sets 1 & 2, as well as The Council for Boys and Young Men Facilitator Manual. Fully developed male-responsive curricula to engage, challenge, celebrate, develop, and unite boys.

Week Theme Activity/Description
10 sessions Growing Healthy, Going Strong Boys will have fun identifying social-emotional messages, experiences, attitudes, and smart options for growing up male in our culture. Competition, bullying, recognizing and expressing emotions, male and female role expectations, self confidence, and teamwork are highlighted through games and team challenges. Boys develop vocabulary and skills to expect and enact fairness, healthy competition, and respect for self and others.
10 sessions Standing Together: A Boys Council Journey Into Respect This guide provides engaging ways to address common themes which pre-teens and early adolescents encounter, including breaking down social-cultural barriers, motives and actions around put-downs, knowing their personal rights, defining assumptions about male power, respecting others'' physical boundaries, understanding and using the energy of strong emotions, and standing up for each other in community.
10 sessions Living A Legacy: A Boys Council Rite of Passage Young men gain skills and knowledge to navigate growing up male in today’s society through the introduction of topics and experiential activities that address a myriad of relevant challenges - safely, powerfully, and within a spirit of “council” connection. Boys will explore: relationships, conflict resolution, education, leadership, community service, diversity, mass media messages, personal values, integrity, and future goals.
18 sessions Journey of the Great Warrior Journey of the Great Warrior Recognizes the assets and barriers of marginalized youth. Using creative challenges, personal narratives, and the restorative environment of nature, it respectfully explores both effective and limiting survival strategies – such as addictions and aggression – and builds upon individual, collective and cultural assets to re-ignite young men’s healthy development and full potential.
10 sessions Men of Honor: Becoming Respectful, Nonviolent Leaders Set 1 Explores “man box” messages promoted in the media and their effects on young men. Address topics such as: Masculinity in the Media, Exploring Emotions, Becoming Nonviolent Leaders, and Engaging in Education. Activities include use of digital media, media analysis, realistic scenarios in social and social media contexts, physical games, storytelling, art, an original school survival “board” game, journals, and an optional resume builder tool.
10 sessions Men of Honor: Becoming Respectful, Nonviolent Leaders Set 2 Further expands the examination of male gender norms, their effect on young men and their relationships, and the development of respectful, nonviolent models of manhood. Includes Respecting Women and Girls, Respecting Intimate Partners, Challenging Homophobia and Becoming Allies, Forming Healthy and Safer Sex Practices, Digging into Substance Use, and Becoming Men of Honor.
10 Brothers as Allies This guide has been developed to provide social support for boys, promote pro-social behaviors, build empathy, encourage resistance against bullying, and interrupt violence. It also addresses gender roles and expectations, self-expression, healthy masculinity, respect for differences, positive ethnic identity, communication, empathy, and becoming allies. Originally created as part of a 4-year study funded by the CDC in New York State, Brothers as Allies is a compilation of sessions from other Council activity guides aimed at preventing violence.

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