Help us bring circles to communities everywhere.

You are helping us to execute our mission of a “circle for every girl and young woman, and a council for every boy and young man.”

Girls Circle and The Council for Boys and Young Men respond to adolescents' essential and urgent need for belonging – a fundamental need that is required to help today's youth navigate through the complexities of adolescence.


Meaningful relationships that motivate girls and boys toward pro-social, safe, and healthy behaviors are a result of our youth being connected to a community of support – a community that focuses primarily on their strengths and inherent values and believes in their capacity to reach their highest goals and dreams that lead to a successful future. All youth deserve to be connected to their community. DONATE TODAY.


Other Ways to Give
We are in need of the below items and services. If any of these seem like easy things to help with, we’d greatly appreciate it. These could be “new” or “gently used” items.

  • 2-3 wifi able video devices with a minimum of 16G storage and an 8 megapixel camera, i.e., iPhone 6 for recording testimonials on site at trainings

  • Pro Bono Videographer or Video Editor to edit short video testimonials

  • Workshop Training Locations in the East Bay and San Francisco (2500-3000 square foot capacity.) Currently we have to pay for space. Corporate Space a plus!

  • Office furniture – 2-3 desks, 2-3 chairs, 1 couch

  • Gift Certificates to Noah’s Bagels to support Food/Beverages for Trainings

  • Social Media Intern to monitor and help with outreach, events, Facebook, and Twitter

  • Small Phone Tripod

Call us at 415-419-5119 or email if you can help.

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